The Crying Dame

Written by Damian Trasler, David Lovesy and Steve Clark

1st,2nd & 3rd of September 2011


The committee of the local amateur dramatic Club are having a routine meeting. Their obnoxious chairman wants to go to great lengths to introduce cultural enlightenment to the local peasants; the secretary is a caricature dizzy blonde, pretty but useless; the treasurer is occupied with.... other things.. and the only other member who has turned up is a sarcastic troublemaker.
The meeting, for what it is worth, is rudely interrupted by one of the members who has strong feelings about the next pantomime.
Any resemblance between the Portsoy Players' committee and the fictional characters portrayed is purely the result of good casting.


Thanks to

Character... Played By...
Melissa Emma Spiers
Simon Doug Matheson
Linda Julie Neale
George Chris McKay
Dan Graeme Sutherland
Sarah Sorcha Cameron

Back Stage Crew

Thanks to

Role... Person In charge...
Sound & Lights Mark Milton
Robbie Barclay
Hall/Foyer Decoration Moira Stewart
Programme & Posters Alison Simpson
Distribution Graeme Sutherland
Tickets Moira Stewart
Communication Liz Bowie
Publicity Sylvia MacEwen
Doug Matheson
Prompt Mary Fraser
Prop Master Sky McKay
Stage Management
Moira Stewart
Liz Bowie
Make-up Alison Mair
Soundtrack Alison Simpson
Costumes, Scenery & Props

Catherine Henderson
Dorothy Gillespie
Alison Simpson
Liz Bowie

Special Thanks

Portsoy Thrift Shop Portsoy Ice-cream Shop
Graeme & Heather Barclay All other supporters