6th, 7th & 8th December

2012 annual Pantomime was The Snow Queen by Peta Duncombe

About the show

The Snow Queen is not the nicest person on the planet. In fact, she wants to conquer the world and turn it to everlasting winter.
But the 'Secret of Eternity'. Can only be reveled by solving a set of cunning riddles....
Now the Snow Queen is nasty and evil, but a bit lacking in the brains department, so decides to 'trick' our clever hero Kai into solving the riddles for her. She entices him to her Palace of Ice in the Northlands and one by one, wheedles the answers out of him.
Gerda, Kai's 'best friend in all the world' is determined to find him and save the planet from domination by the nasty Snow Queen and she set off to follow them to the Northlands. Along the way she will meet a kindly Enchantress, as well as a somewhat inept band of robbers and yetis, who get up to all sorts of silly pranks, and will visit the court of Princess Aleksia. She will even meet a talking Raven...
Hearing of Gerda's intentions, the Snow Queen 'hires' the robbers to 'do away with her' before she can break the evil hold that the Queen has over Kai.
Gerda's Grandma, Dome Dottie is on top form and pursues her beloved Gerda northwards with some hair raising moments.....
Will Gerda escape the clutches of the Robbers & free Kai from the Snow Queen's Power? Will she realise how much in love Kai is with her? Will She win the Battle of the good over evil? ... Only time will tell...
Come with us on our journey, and... whatever you do, you must 'Beware of the Yeti!!'


Directed by Graeme Sutherland

Hans Christian Andrew Fraser  
The Snow Queen Julie Neale  
The Mirror Andrew Brown  
Little Toe Cameron Milne  
Grandma Dorothe Chris Mckay  
Kai Sam Peters  
Gerda Maya Chillingworth  
Katya Emma Spiers  
Molotov Caitlin McInnes  
Smirnoff Travis Beattie  
Boris Badunov Doug Matheson  
Big Foot Owen Williams  
The Enchantress Alison Simpson  
Caw Cory Gibson  
Princess Aleksia Iona Rayne  
Prince Valentin Caitlyn Finnie  
Dancers Emma-Jay Bruce
Eilidh Ewen
Chelsey Hamman
Ellie Mine
Natalie Mine
Alyssa Ross
Elosie Ross
Lucy Smith
Abbie Stewart
Chorus Julianne pert
Meghan Innes
Eilidh Innes
Tegan Gerrie
Iona Robertson

Back Stage Crew

Thank you for all your hard work during the shows!!

Role... Person in Charge...  
Director Graeme Sutherland  
Music Director Emma Spiers  
Sound Engineer Mark Milton  
Lighting Engineer Robbie Barclay  
Technical Support Liam Watt  
Props Mary Fraser  
Stage Manager Moira Stewart  
Prompt Denise Wechsler  
Choreography Emma Spiers Anne Macarther
Make-up Alison Simpson Various Other Helpers
Costumes Dorothy Gillespie
Alison Simpson
Kathryn Henderson
Susan Little
Scenery/Design/Props Nick Whitehouse
Doug Matheson
Caroline Hobbs
Susan Rayne
Tickets Moira Stewart  
Publicity Doug Matheson  
Programme Alison Simpson  
Art Work Isaac Jackson  
Distribution Graeme Sutherland Julie Neale
Robbie Barclay
Teas/Door/Raffels Moira Stewart  
Communications & Administration Liz Bowie Emma Spiers
Back Stage Vicky McLaren
Jemima Chillingworth
Angie Milne
Gerry McLaren
Susan Rayne
Chris Pert
Lorna Summers
Liz Bowie

Special Thanks To...

Peta Duncombe RML Technical Aberdeenshire Council
Portsoy Ice-Cream Lamond's Newsagents Allan Masson
J.G Ross The Trift Shop The Salmon Bothy
Soy Kilts The Shore Inn Neo Beauty
Hutchesons Boyne Hotel George Ellis Chemist
Hook, Line & Sinker Station Hotel Banff Academy
Knock News Fiona's Hairdressers Portsoy Motors
Mark Jackson Portsoy 75 Club All other crew and helpers