Pig Tale

31st of May and 1st of June 21012

Pig Tale was written by Ron Nicol in 2009.
Pig Tale is an updated re-telling of the tale of the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs. Mummy Pig throws the Three Little Pigs out into the big wide world to seek their fortunes. They have to cope with the demands of relating to others, gathering materials, building houses, and keeping the wolf from the door. The Narrator of the story finds she has her own problems to deal with in the shape of an insufferable Prompter and a wily and wilful Sheep.


Directed by Emma Spiers

In order of appearance-

Narrator Alison Simpson
Prompt Doug Matheson
First Little Pig Maya Chillingworth
Second Little Pig Cory Gibson
Third Little Pig Sam Peters
Mummy Pig Julie Neale
Woman with Straw Eilidh Innes
The Sheep Andrew Fraser
Big Bad Wolf Graeme Sutherland
Woman with Sticks Caitlin McInnes
Woman with Bricks Caitlin McInnes
Police Officer Owen Williams

Back Stage Crew

Thanks To...

Director Emma Spiers  
Assistant Director Mark Milton  
Sound & Lighting Mark Milton  
Assistant Sound Liam Watt Robbie Barclay
Assistant Lighting Chris McKay  
Tickets Moira Stewart  
Posters & Programs Graeme Sutherland  
Communications Liz Bowie  
Stage Management Moira Stewart  
Refreshments Liz Bowie Moira Stewart
Scenery Alison Simpson
Graeme Sutherland
Liz Bowie
Tickets Moira Stewart  
Distribution Graeme Sutherland
Liam Watt
Mark Milton
Portsoy Primary School

Special Thanks

Sarah Wills (Hall Keeper) Portsoy Primary Portsoy Ice-cream
All The Cast Back Stage Crew