Hook Hits Back

3rd, 4th & 5th of September 2010

Directed & Written by Lorna Summers

About The Show

We’re sure you’re familiar with the story of ‘Peter Pan’ , but have you ever wondered what happens next?
Let us take you on an adventure back to Neverland, where a determined Captain Hook is out to take his revenge on Peter and steal the Lost Treasure of Loch Soy Island.
But wait.... who is the mysterious Lady Arabella, and how does ‘bad’ fairy dust affect everyone?
Meanwhile, is love in the air for some of the pirates?
Will Miss Dorothy Darling ever find her ideal man?
Of course, the story will undoubtedly end with everybody living happily ever after………………..or will it?


Miss Dorothy Darling Graeme Sutherland
Smee Gareth Martin
Midge Chris McKay
Midge's Mate Owen Williams
Captain Hook Mike Blackburn
Peter Pan Stephanie Smith
Lady Arabella Alison Simpson
The Pirate Gels

Ursula Jackson
Sorcha Cameron
Megan Findlater
Shannon Bolland
Lily Bolland
Madge Julie Neale
Princess Running Water Lisa Bolland
Chunk David Mings
Snuffles Isaac Jackson
Drip Robbie Barclay
Jumping Jack Leon Greig
Wee Jeanie Silver/Wendy Charlotte Bolland
Punkerbell Rosie Martin
Sweetybell Abbie Mather
Big Chief Smelly Feet Doug Matheson
Interpreter Sylvia MacEwan
Announcer David Mings
Louis Isaac Jackson
Cherylkee Ursula Jackson
Guardian of Loch Soy Rachel Dougall

Back Stage Crew

Stage Manager Sharon Blackburn Moira Stewart
Back Stage Derek Summers  
Prompt Liz Bowie  
Sound and
Mike Boothroyd John Coppard
Sylvia MacEwan
Catherine Henderson
Dorothy Gillespie
Make-Up Silvanna Matheson Sylvia MacEwan
Jack Elliot
Doug Matheson
Derek Summers
Hall Decoration Moira Stewart Liz Bowie
Publicity/Tickets Moira Stewart Mike Blackburn
Programme Alison Simpson Liz Bowie

Robbie Barclay
Graeme & Alison Sutherland
Stephanie Smith
Lamonds Newsagents
Mike Blackburn
Liz Bowie
Raffles Moira Stewart  

Helen Munro
Jane Isaacs
Lachlan Sturrock
Jacqueline Falconer
Doris Gibson
Door Leanne Wilson Tracey Aitken

Thanks to..

Common Strategy Ltd. Portsoy Ice Cream W & S Lamond's
The Thrift Shop AA Taxis Bookends
Boyne Hotel The Co-op The Curioity Shop
Fiona's Hairdresser Flowers 4 U Forrest / J.G. Ross Bakers
George Ellis Chemist Hook, Line and Sinker Hutchesons Plumbers
John Donald Bakers McRae Electrician Pat's Hairdresser
Portsoy Motors Portsoy Taxis Shore Inn
Soy Kilts Station Hotel Sutherland's Gourmet's Choice
Fordyce Parish Church