Dracula The Panto

Written By Peta Duncombe

Directed by Sylvia MacEwen


Honest, hardworking vegetarian Vlad Dracula is a barman with a difference. Vlad is the future Vampire ruler of Transylvania, but he’s dreading it. The only thing that can save him from a life of pointy teeth and scaring his friends is to find his true love... before midnight, on Friday the thirteenth.
You can see where we’re going with this..
Enter the lovely Crystal, her father Sir Toby Jugg, Baskerville the dog and a host of helpers, Transylvanian and otherwise.
Standing firmly in Vlad’s way are his mother, the Countess Vampira, her hapless, hopeless henchmen, assorted ghouls, rodents and Fang the bat.
Is the help of a very special fairy enough to help Vlad win the night?
This story is not so much a remake of Bram Stoker’s classic novel as an excuse for a lot of gags about teeth and vampires. Bram must be dirling in his grave....


Thanks to ...

Character ... Played by ...
Countess Vampira Alison Simpson
Floss, the Tooth Fairy Sorcha Cameron
Hans Von Spentall Doug Matheson
Liesl, His Lovley Daughter Emma Spiers
Vladimir, A Reluctant Vampyr Alison Donn
Donner, Henchman Ursula Jackson
Blitzen, Henchman Andrew Fraser
Sir Toby Jugg Graeme Sutherland
Miss Crystal Jugg Iona Rayne
Bertie Boots, Valet Jordan Williams
Baskervill, Vampyr Hound Cameron Milne
Miss Flora Bundy Julie Neale
Fang, A Vampyr Bat Caitlyn Finnie
Mysterious Stranger Robbie Barclay
The Chorus

Maya Chillingworth
Tegan Gerrie
Caitlin McInnes
Heidi Stewart
Owen Williamson
Cory Gibson
Iona Robertson
Julianne Pert

Back Stage Crew

Thanks to ...

Role ... Person In Charge ...  
Director & Director of Music Sylvia MacEwen  
Sound Engineer Mark Milton  
Lighting Chris McKay  
Props Mary Fraser Sky McKay
Stage Manager Moira Stewart  
Back Stage

Derek Summers
Zoe Williams
Morag Galloway
Angie Milne
Liz Kerr
Gerry McLaren
Amy Ferguson
Lorna Summers
Jill Chillingworth
Tina McInnes
Silvanna Matheson
Vicky McLaren
Susan Little

Prompt Susan Rayne  
Choreography Sylvia MacEwan  
Make-up Alison Mair Mary Fraser
Neil Maley
Alison Simpson
Doug Matheson
Hall/Foyer Decoration Moira Stewart Liz Bowie
Tickets Moira Stewart  
Publicity Doug Matheson  
Programme Alison Simpson Graeme Sutherland
Programme/Poster Art Isaac Jackson  

Graeme Sutherland
Mary Fraser
Alison Donn
Lamonds' Newsagents
Alison Sutherland
Andrew Fraser
Robbie Barclay

Teas/Door/Raffles Moira Stewart Jane Isaacs
Communications & Administration Liz Bowie Emma Spiers

Special Thanks to...

Portosy Ice-cream Shop W & S Lamond's Banff Academy
The Thrift Shop Common Strategy Ltd. Allan Masson
The Salmon Bothy Soy Kilts The Shore Inn
AA Taxis Hutchesons Boyne Hotel
Bookends Portsoy Taxis George Ellis Chemist
Hook, Line & Sinker Station Hotel George McRae
Banff Health Foods Portsoy Boiler Services Tusk Hair Design
Julian Bate Deveron Dental Knock News
Banffshire Journal Press & Journal Portsoy '75 Club