Written by Jan Watts. Directed By Alison Simpson

1st, 2nd & 3rd of September 2011


Our heroine, Sweetie, having eaten too many of her mother’s cakes ends up in Cakedom, peopled, astonishingly by a TV Crew , a Retired General, and many other assorted ‘Fancy Pieces’.
The Villain, Death By Chocolate, conducts a reign of fear with help from his evil henchman Dr Seedcake - This is the story of how Sweetie saves the day, escapes a life of sickly sweetness and returns to the ‘real world’.
This play is our most ambitious young people’s production to date: the first taste of a speaking role for some members of the cast and for others, of standing on a public stage.
The cast and crew of Cake includes 25 nice fresh patisseries (aged between the ages of 8 and 18 years) from Portsoy, Sandend, Fordyce, Macduff, Banff and King Edward, as well as one or two more mature cakes, some of whom are well past their sell-by date.


Thanks To ...

Character ... Played by ...
Angle Caitlin McInnes
Bakewell Julie Neale
Cheesecake Charleen Whyte
Cliff Alisa Benzie
Craig Owen Williamson
Cupcake Elisha Munro
Death by Chocolate Jordan Williams
Doctor Seedcake Megan Beedie
Eccles Rhys Beedie
Flapjack Lona Robertson
French Fancy Caitlyn Finnie
Fruitcake Cameron Milne
General Battenburg Andrew Fraser
Maderia Christine Whyte
Mother Ursula Jackson
Parkin Tegan Gerrie
Pavlova Nuala McGregor
Rum Baba Maya Chillingworth
Sweetie Justine Davidson
The Chocolate Muffins

Julianne Pert
Ashleigh Donald
Meaghan Innes
Eilidh Innes
Joe Cordiner

Back Stage Crew

Thanks To ...

Role... Person In charge...
Sound & Lights Mark Milton
Robbie Barclay
Hall/Foyer Decoration Moira Stewart
Programme & Posters Alison Simpson
Distribution Graeme Sutherland
Tickets Moira Stewart
Communication Liz Bowie
Sylvia MacEwen
Doug Matheson
Prompt Mary Fraser
Prop Master Sky McKay
Stage Management
Moira Stewart
Liz Bowie
Make-up Alison Mair
Soundtrack Alison Simpson
Costumes, Scenery & Props

Catherine Henderson
Dorothy Gillespie
Alison Simpson
Liz Bowie

Special Thanks

Portsoy Thrift Shop Portsoy Ice-cream Shop
Graeme & Heather Barclay All other supporters